A tummy tuck can create a flat tighten abdominal area which makes patients feel more confident and youthful. The procedure is often needed after muscle damage from weight loss, pregnancies, ageing or lack of exercise.

The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and there are two types of procedures available, one is a mini tuck and the other is a full. During the mini tuck an incision is made across the lower abdomen then excess fat and loose skin are removed before your surgeon neatens the area up. In a full tuck a second incision is made around the belly button where again fat is removed and the muscles are tightened and stitched in place. To finish the procedure your surgeon will create a new belly button. The surgery can take up to 3 hours depending on the procedure suitable to your needs.


Who best qualifies for this surgery?
Individuals who have a ‘flabby’ tummy with an overhang, if you feel your tummy effects your confidence then you should book a consultation and chat to our surgeons.

What is the scarring like?
Your scar will run along your lower stomach in the crease just above your pubic line, your surgeon will be able to show you during your consultation.

How long is the recovery period?
Initial recovery is normally 2-3 weeks, full recovery can take up to 6 months.

up to 3 Hours

Surgery time.*

2 - 3 Weeks

Average recovery time after surgery.*

up to 6 months

Full recovery. Achieving final results after surgery*