Calf Implants

Exercise doesn’t always create the right appearance for our legs and sometimes an implant can balance out the look of the entire leg creating a nice proportioned shape. This surgery can also help create a fantastic look for individuals who are not happy with their leg shape due to damage from accidents or ill health.

The surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic where your surgeon will make a small incision behind the knee so the silicone can be placed over your exiting calf muscle. The implant is then held in position with a couple of stitches.


How big are the implants?
The implants vary in size to suit individual needs.

Will it be bulky in one area?
The implant will sit on the area where you want the bulk, the implants should give a natural smooth looking appearance.

Will I be able to walk afterwards?
Yes you can, however you have to take things slowly, your surgeon will advise you on the level of mobility he would want you to go each day.

Will I be able to weight train after the procedure?
Yes, after full recovery has taken place & your surgeon has advised you accordingly.

How big is the scar & will it be noticeable?
The scar is approximately 2″ in length & is in the crease at the back of your knee.